Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Warner Bros. Partners with 180solutions for Deception

According to today's Media Post online, media giant Warner Brothers has been working with controversial adware company 180 Solutions to distribute their online soap opera "Deception". Can anyone think of a more appropriate title for 180 to be featuring? The full article can be found here:


Anonymous said...

180 Solutions has (supposedly) made strides to clean up its act recently. Perhaps they have proved they are above board and made Warner comfortable. Or perhaps they were brokered this deal from some Warner agency or marketing company without Warner's full knowledge or permission.

Chris Kramer said...

In the last paragraph of the article Darryl LaRue, Vice President-Sales at Warner Bros. Online is quoted as saying "Warner Bros. is working with 180solutions as part of a broad initiative to distribute content digitally. "There's a bunch of different models out there," LaRue said, adding that Warner Bros. Online was eager to experiment with new ways to monetize content. For instance, the shows on 180solutions also will be available on Sprint telephones, where they will be supported by pre-roll ads" so it seems it was done with their knowledge.