Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Strange Things You Can Buy Online

With the amount of time I've spent online over the past 10 or so years nothing should surprise me, but I was on the homepage of Costco the other day and something caught my eye at the top of the page. Nestled between tabs that will take you "Food and Wine" and "Furniture" is a tab that reads "Funeral". Yes my friends, you can purchase a casket or urn online at Costco and have it delivered.

Is there actually a demand for this? If a loved one passes away, are you looking online to save a few bucks? What happens if there's a problem with shipping and your casket doesn't get there in time - are you delaying the funeral services? Of course you could always be pre-planning your funeral and could choose to store it in your basement until you're "ready".

I think the most unusual thing that I've purchased online myself is about 1,000 gallons of oil fuel for my house. It was actually pretty simple through a site called PriceEnergy and ended up saving me a couple hundred bucks this year.

My top 5 list of other unusual items you can purchase (in no particular order)
  1. Turducken
  2. Stuffed Pet Urn
  3. Guillotine
  4. USB Barbie
  5. Owl Puke

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