Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wanna Buy an Affiliate Network?

Better hurry, only 4 hours left although there don't seem to be any bidders yet.

NetTraction acknowledges the fact that this is a money losing operation, but gives you plenty of ideas on how to monetize the network including:


Although the network is currently a free network, meaning it costs a merchant nothing to become an advertiser , NetTraction has already monetized the network by upselling to the merchant base. Therefore, any revenue already generated from the network was NetTraction revenue and not AffiliateTraction.NET revenue. This is why we cannot show past revenue numbers in this listing. HOWEVER, for future revenue opportunities please see below.

Revenue Opportunities

The AffiliateTraction.NET Free Network can be successfully monetized several different ways:

  • Sell advertising on/in the site (as seen here)
  • Charge insertion fees
  • Charge monthly fees
  • Charge commissions
  • Offer AffiliateTraction software through exclusive agreement
  • Sell Merchant/Publisher leads to NetTraction

I'm curious what the full asking price is, since the opening bid is $24,999.00 and there is a reserve on top of that. Basically it seems that you are buying their DirectTrack network license along with some merchant and affiliate contact info.

Any takers?

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Jeffmol said...

I rank this one up with

Sure -- you can just tell your advertisers hey, we now charge a commission. That will be a big hit.