Monday, October 09, 2006

Dreamforce 2006 Day 1

I'm in San Francisco for's annual Dreamforce conference, just a few minutes away from the opening remarks this morning. Not too much happened last night at the opening reception, there were a few demos and sneak previews of upcoming functionality but nothing we haven't already seen on the Idea Exchange. A few things to note:

  1. 150+ total upgrades
  2. Alerts and reminders will be incorporated - long overdue and much welcomed
  3. New calendars
  4. "in-line S controls" - while I don't fully understand this, what I gather is that we can incorporate outside functionality within Salesforce, which could be huge.
  5. Ajax galore - I'd have about $50 in my pocket if I had a dollar for everytime someone mentioned Ajax within the 30 minutes I saw demos. I don't need to know programming to know from the demos why this will be good for me - slicker functionality and greater flexibility is clearly coming our way
  6. Widgets - have I ever mentioned how much I dislike this word? Anyway, widgets are here to stay.
A couple of new pictures from day one:

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