Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Google Reverses Censorship Decision

Thanks to Wayne Porter for keeping us up to date on the situation with Steve Rosenbaum and his Google campaign. We have a winner folks, and it appears Google has changed their mind and decided to let Steve's campaign run. From Steve's Blog, Google's "resolution":

Hello Steve,

Thank you for your email. I've confirmed that your ad is approved and running on Google.

Our AdWords Specialists review ads that run on Google to ensure that they comply with our advertising policies. I apologize if the prior disapproval of your ad was made in error. However, after reviewing your ad again, our Specialists have found that your ad meets all our Editorial Guidelines and advertising policies.

If you have additional questions, please visit our Help Center at to find answers to many frequently asked questions. Or, try our Learning Center at for self-paced lessons that cover the scope of AdWords.

We look forward to providing you with the most effective advertising available.


The Google AdWords Team

While this is a victory, it does feel a little tainted since Google just sent out this canned response rather than having a real person address the freedom of speech issue head on. I'd like to think that all of the attention that Wayne and the community gave this topic really made a difference but unfortunately we may never know. If anyone is friends with "Lizzie", please have her give me a call, I'd love to ask her a few questions...