Tuesday, April 03, 2007

No Joke - Incubeta Buys Revenews and CostPerNews.com

The ultimate April Fool's Day prank - Do something for real on April 1st that is big enough to make people think its a prank when it's really true. For 2 days now I just assumed the various posts about Incubeta buying both Revenews.com and CostPerNews.com were part of an elaborate hoax until I finally had to ask Revenews founder Wayne Porter what was up. To quote Wayne: "it is very, very real. You can confirm that publicly my friend, blog it, whatever- 100% truth- swear by a holy scallop" Those of you that know my scallop saga with Wayne know you can trust him when he swears on a scallop.

I have tremendous respect for all the parties involved in this deal. Vinny Lingham's Incubeta is one of the biggest and most professional search affiliate companies out there, Revenews has been an industry staple for nearly 10 years and Sam Harrelson's CostperNews.com was one of the best new sources for online and affiliate information.

I think we can expect some really great things from this brain trust - I can't wait to see what develops. For the full release click here, additional coverage here and here.