Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Score One For The Good Guys

I've been a big fan of AlexsCoupons.com since I first met creator Todd Martini at last year's CJU conference in Santa Barbara. I've worked with hundreds of coupon sites over the past several years but there's something different about this site that is obvious once you know the story behind the website.

Todd and his family were recently featured in this video:

I'll include Todd's disclaimer here:

"There are a couple errors in the story. We do not make $600k-$900k each month. We've generated up to $900k in sales in a single month (12/05), but we're paid only a small percentage of that amount as commission. We are currently donating 10% of our profits or $1000, whichever is larger, to charity each month. If we ever do make $900k in a single month, we'll be making a very large donation to charity! 8-) "

I think a big part of what I love about affiliate marketing is that an anyone has the power to change their lives through this industry. My hat is off to Todd and his family who were able to take a nearly impossible situation and turn it into a thriving business that is also helping other people.

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Great post Chris and welcome to the world of blogging...I am looking forward to your unique insight on the online marketing industry